About Us

Hi EveryBody Iam Kasa Navakantha Rao Admin / CEO of BTChamp

Do you have a big dream or a hunch that you wish to turn into reality?

Your Own Home , Passive Income,Dream Holiday or your most wildest Dream

If that is the case, don’t feel like you are the only one! Most of the creative minds aspire to do that. I’m sure many of you have researched this possibility as well, but you must be taken aback with the kind of budget you may require to invest for your idea. Now with BTChamp you need not worry because with the support of likeminded people, BTChamp helps you get the finance you need. Whether it is a business idea or any financial need, with BTChamp you now get to have an online platform that gives you access and connects you with the people who are ready to help you.

We at BTChamp help you with direct funding for your financial needs.  With this program you are just a click away from financial freedom.

Here’s how it works. After joining your level 1 upline’s referral link, you pay your upline 0.0005 btc one time  to be in a position to receive the same from each of your level 1 down lines. This is followed by receiving the same amount from each of the three  people you recruited. This initiates a chain such that with enough collection of funds from your level 1 downline you get to upgrade to level 2 in the same manner you joined now by paying 0.0009 BTC . This process keeps expanding and helps you gain enough money in a convenient way.Yes you just cant think about the number of coins its more than 118 BTC.

By joining our network everyone gets to share and enhance each other’s lives in a convenient and effective way in form of Member to Member Donations.

So now with BTChamp, the most reliable and accessible platform, you have a better future with high hopes and more freedom! Join now to make a difference for yourself and others.

BTCHAMP was born out of the frustrations experienced with two other similar systems. We looked critically at the current models and wanted to fix the issues that plagued those systems to create a system that would benefit our members. The shortcomings of the other two systems and the frustrations it caused to members as well as the admins of those programs necessitated a revolutionary rethink of the system that removes all those issues that keep people from benefiting from the system as they should.

No more requirement of Huge Budget to turn your dreams in Reality

No more waiting for confirmations.

No more waiting for transactions to be confirmed between banks  and the delays with it.

No more submitting of proof of payments.

  1. Champions Expect to Win – When they walk on the court, on the field, into a meeting or in a classroom they expect to win. In fact they are surprised when they don’t win. They expect success and their positive beliefs often lead to positive actions and outcomes. They win in their mind first and then they win in the hearts and minds of their customers, students or fans.
  2. Champions Celebrate the Small Wins – By celebrating the small wins champions gain the confidence to go after the big wins. Big wins and big success happen through the accumulation of many small victories. This doesn’t mean champions become complacent. Rather, with the right kind of celebration and reinforcement, champions work harder, practice more and believe they can do greater things.
  3. Champions Don’t Make Excuses When They Don’t Win – They don’t focus on the faults of others. They focus on what they can do better. They see their mistakes and defeats as opportunities for growth. As a result they become stronger, wiser and better.
  4. Champions Focus on What They Get To Do, Not What They Have To Do – They see their life and work as a gift not an obligation. They know that if they want to achieve a certain outcome they must commit to and appreciate the process. They may not love every minute of their journey but their attitude and will helps them develop their skill.
  5. Champions Believe They Will Experience More Wins in the Future – Their faith is greater than their fear. Their positive energy is greater than the chorus of negativity. Their certainty is greater than all the doubt. Their passion and purpose are greater than their challenges. In spite of their situation champions believe their best days are ahead of them, not behind them.

If you don’t think you have what it takes to be a champion, think again. Champions aren’t born. They are shaped and molded. And as iron sharpens iron you can develop your mindset and the mindset of your team with the right thinking, beliefs and expectations that lead to powerful actions.